about gresso
Reframing the eyewear industry
The eyewear industry hadn’t changed in years. So when we started GRESSO, we worked to innovate something entirely new for the industry. We are the first and only in the world to master laser cutting of solid titanium frames. The result — ultralight, comfortable and unbreakable glasses at the honest price.
This is how it’s done
An eyewear entirely designed and built by us
Each pair of GRESSO glasses is entirely designed and manufactured by us in our own factory: a straight and strategic choice in order to control all the manufacturing stages, to follow every detail with maniacal care, to produce every component in real time, so that everyone becomes aware of truest meaning of the word «quality».
Designed in Miami
Our glasses are born in Miami
Brickell Avenue — the heart of Downtown Miami - is where GRESSO’s in-house design studio is located, where GRESSO glasses are designed, where the GRESSO look is created.
Gresso Background

Founded in 1999, GRESSO is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of handcrafted mobile phones and accessories.

By introducing a new concept of mobile phone characterized by craftsmanship and precious materials, GRESSO challenged the functional orientation of the mobile phone industry, making the handset an emotional device.

Each GRESSO phone is «made for one person by one person,» in the sense that each phone is assembled from start to finish by a single master.

GRESSO phones are sold in the leading department stores such as Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and the finest watch and jewelry stores around the world.

We could tell you many things.
But what do others say?
Made of titanium:
to combine strength, lightness and flexibility

All our collections are made of titanium.

Titanium and every single characteristic of it that’s what we know perfectly well.

That’s our very material.

That is why we are able to form it like no one else and why we succeed in combining it with a truly advanced design.

Carl Zeiss nylon lenses are the most advanced high-performance lenses on the planet. They are lighter, have greater clarity, and provide complete protection from both types of harmful UV radiation.
Our frame is made of titanium, which is the best material for eyewear. It is strong, durable, lightweight, hypoallergenic and anti-corrosive.
18 grams or about half an ounce. Our glasses are so light and comfortable, you don’t even notice them.
With most glasses, you feel pressure or pain behind the ears. To solve this problem, our titanium temples are thin and flexible providing high wearer comfort for hours.
Nose pads
3D adjustable titanium nose pads сan be tailored for a custom fit, preventing nose dents, pressure, and marks.
We use German-engineered titanium double spring hinges. They guarantee 100,000 opening and closing cycles or 50 years of service.
Eyewear Tech: Constant Innovation
We set out to rethink a product that was an afterthought in the marketplace. Two years of research & development led to several improvements to the design, performance and comfort of the pair of glasses.
No Worries
10-year frame warranty
We are so confident in the quality and durability of our frames that we back each one with a 10-year warranty unmatched in the eyewear industry. We will repair or replace any damaged GRESSO frame, no matter the cause.
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