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Gresso Regal Case

New 2016 Collection for iPhone 6/6S

Innovative construction.
Titanium. 18K Gold. Limited Collection.

Innovative Construction

Gresso Regal Case has been created with using the innovative magnetic lock system, patented all over the world. No extra tools needed for assembly as the case consists of upper and lower protective frames that are connected by means of hinges and magnetic locks hidden in the unit.
Maximum convenience. Open/closed in a single movement.
Patented magnetic lock system.
Unlimited access to functional ports and plugs.

Gresso Regal Case Collection

Gresso Regal Case Collection consists of 3 models. Gresso Regal Case T1 is completely made of titanium grade 5.
Gresso Regal Case T2 and T3 are made of titanium with PVD-coating of rich black color and decorated with insert from 18K White or Yellow Gold.

Solid Titanium Case

Gresso Regal Case is executed of a solid titanium plate, widely used in the aerospace industry. Titanium case machining process is time-and-labor consuming. The one of a kind titanium case machining and milling process takes more than 8 hours using high-tech equipment.

Protective Function

Impact-resistant titanium body of Gresso Regal Case protects your iPhone and guarantees steadiness to bending and other kinds of mechanical impact.

Luxury Minimalism

Gresso Regal Case is performed in its own unique style – Luxury Minimalism. Both luxurious and elegant with a combination of exclusive materials, this distinctive style completes an original design of iPhone.


Rich and deep black color of titanium Gresso Regal Case is achieved by using PVD-coating that increases the product’s surface resistance to scratches. Such a technology is widely used in the manufacture of expensive Swiss watches.

18K Gold

Exclusive Gresso Regal Gold is decorated with an insert from 18K Gold (3 grams) that is on the back panel of the unit. Depending on the type of the model, such an insert can be made from White or Yellow Gold.


Final polishing of the body takes 3 hours and is performed by a single craftsman according to high quality standards of Gresso Company.

Limited Collection -
only 999 pieces

Each case is exclusive and unique as it has its own individual number, engraved on the gold or titanium insert that is on the back panel of the case. You are able to choose your individual number when you will place the order.

Choose your Gresso Regal Case

$ 1,500.00

Model T3


$ 1,500.00

Model T2


$ 1,000.00

Model T1



$ 200.00

Gresso Case/Cayman

Italian leather dressed as crocodile skin.

$ 100.00

Tempered Glass

Hardness – 9H. Thickness – 0.2mm. Scratch resistance.

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