Designed to feel like wearing nothing at all


GRESSO sunglasses are by far the lightest pair I've ever worn, and they just might be the most comfortable, making them perfect for driving. And it's the nylon ZEISS lenses, providing stellar optics and 100% UV protection, that are the real heroes here.

A New Level of Lightness

Lightness is the ultimate luxury.

The GRESSO’s pursuit of near weightlessness results in elegant ultra-lightweight (as light as 16 grams) titanium sunglasses that are extraordinarily comfortable and make you feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

New Collection 2024

25 Years of Innovation. Since 1999.

GRESSO is committed to consistently delivering only the highest level of craftsmanship and materials. We have been working with titanium for more than 25 years and over this time we have learned all the secrets of shaping it, as well as the skills and techniques for enhancing every single one of its properties. 

Laser-cut from the premium quality Japanese titanium, each frame weighs as little as 4.5 grams and combines amazing strength, lightness and comfort.


The Beginning

GRESSO debuts as an innovative engineering company, specializing in the manufacture of luxury mobile phones and accessories crafted from titanium and 18K gold. With meticulous engineering and handcrafting, GRESSO's mobile phones quickly garner worldwide acclaim, earning a spot in Forbes’ Top-10 list of the world’s most luxurious phones.

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Free complimentary shipping and returns on all orders. GRESSO will gladly accept returns for any order within 30 calendar days of delivery.