What Does This Warranty Cover?
  Gresso warranty covers all defects in materials or workmanship of your Gresso glasses frame.
     How Long Does The Coverage Last?
  Gresso warranty continues for 10 years from the date of purchase.
     What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
  Gresso warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched lenses, broken hinges, accidental damage, misuse or any other problems determined by Gresso not to be defects in materials or workmanship (“Non-Covered Damage”).
     What Do You Have To Do?
  To obtain warranty service for Gresso eyewear product, please complete the online submission form and send us the confirmation with your product for further evaluation.
Online Submission Form
     Any product returned to Gresso without a valid warranty claim or without proof of purchase may be rejected, returned to you at your cost or kept for a period of 30 days. If after 30 days you have not paid for the cost of return shipping, Gresso may dispose of your product in its sole discretion after notifying you by phone or email that it intends to do so and giving you a final opportunity to make arrangements for return shipping. By sending a product for warranty service or replacement, you agree to transfer ownership of the original product to Gresso at the time at which it arrives at our warehouse if Gresso determines that replacement is appropriate.
     What Will Gresso Do?
  If Gresso authorizes you to return your product to Gresso and your claim is covered by this warranty, Gresso will decide whether to repair or replace (with an identical or reasonably equivalent style), at our option, the defective product. If Gresso, in its sole discretion, determines it’s not reasonable to replace the defective product, Gresso may refund you the purchase price you paid for the product. Repaired or replaced products are covered for the remainder of the original product warranty.
     What About Other Repairs?
  If your Gresso eyewear product doesn’t qualify for warranty service under this warranty or you can’t provide proof of purchase, you may still request to have it repaired by Gresso, but charges may apply. Please email to learn more.
     Limitations of Liability
  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary from state to state. In no event shall Gresso or any of its third party suppliers be liable for consequential, incidental, special, indirect or direct damages unless this warranty agreement is inconsistent with the local law. If this warranty agreement is inconsistent with local law, the warranty shall be deemed modified to be consistent with the local law. In the event of legal action, all claims or disputes under this warranty agreement shall be contested in the courts of the State of Florida.